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Bring Financial Literacy to Your Community

Banzai helps you build relationships with schools, community programs, and businesses alike as you create a culture of financial literacy.

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Banzai curriculum page window

Teacher Feedback Speaks for Itself

“Thank you for your sponsorship of Banzai. I used it with both 8th and 10th graders to teach financial responsibility. Your support of our students is greatly appreciated!”

Hagerstown High School, Indiana

Screenshot of Banzai's direct product: The Wellness Center

The Wellness Center

A comprehensive collection of 40+ hours of interactive content including Coaches, calculators, and articles.

Screenshot of one Banzai's interactive course

Interactive Courses

Roughly 18 hours worth of computer games for every age that test, teach, and reinforce financial concepts in a fun, easy way while encouraging growth and problem-solving skills.

  • No, Banzai is prepared to do all the heavy lifting. We’ll reach out and help create meaningful relationships with teachers.

  • Are you currently partnered with other organizations? Banzai offers a customizable landing page known as a co-branded landing page. This landing page provides a comfortable touch point for customers to access and allows you and your partners to pick and choose which Banzai resources you want to be featured on it. Contact your Banzai representative to learn more.

  • Banzai ensures full exclusivity when it comes to sponsoring schools. Once you decide to be a sponsor, your organization is the one that gets credited and marketed within the school of your choosing so long as your sponsorship continues. Reach out to your Banzai representative to see how this can benefit your company.