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Banzai supports parents

This year, your student will be using an award-winning and interactive financial educational platform in their classroom: Banzai!

What does Banzai teach?

  • Borrowing
  • Budgeting
  • Saving
  • Spending
  • Setting Goals
Banzai content covers financial topics from basic budgeting to complex tax code. Learn more about how Banzai aligns with curriculum requirements.

Banzai is for Everyone

  • ESL

    Most Banzai courses are available in English and Spanish. Spanish versions include the same decisions, quizzes, test questions, and interactive gameplay as the English versions.

  • Special Education

    Banzai Junior uses the same core principles that are taught in Teen & Plus, but the requirements are simpler. If your child is struggling with the advanced courses, try Banzai Junior to start.

  • Gifted and Talented

    Does your child need an extra challenge? Try using a course designed for older students. Plus is the most challenging interactive game, and the Banzai Library includes content suited for all ages including adults.

  • Disabilities

    Vision-impared students and parents can access the content on using most screen readers, and Banzai courses can be completed without a mouse.

Banzai is available to students, teachers, and even parents or siblings. Best of all? It’s completely free! Financial literacy education is for everyone!

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Banzai Courses are free for parents & kids

  • Junior Course & Workbook

    Age 8-12 2 - 4 Hours

    Running a lemonade stand isn’t all sugar and lemons—your child will master the basics of budgeting, saving, and borrowing in order to win the game.

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  • Teen Course & Workbook

    Ages 13-18 3 - 6 Hours

    In Teen, your child will navigate health expenses, car troubles, debt, and more, preparing them to overcome similar challenges in real life.

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  • Plus Course & Workbook

    Ages 16+ 3 - 6 Hours

    Your teen will master a budget, set goals, and build credit throughout Banzai Plus. They’ll see how small decisions can make a large impact on their overall financial wellness.

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  • Digital Citizenship Course

    Ages 9-15 1 - 3 Hours

    Students learn to be savvy online citizens by practicing safety on the internet and learning about digital wellness.

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Explore Banzai and how to incorporate financial education into your home with this downloadable booklet.

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Teach the Value of a dollar

Prepare your students for adult life with Banzai's interactive, personal finance curriculum.

Banzai is free for teachers and students. Go ahead.