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Financial Wellness is the ideal employee benefit

Upgrade your financial wellness programs with Banzai.
The Wellness Center

Banzai teaches financial literacy at every phase of life in a comprehensive online platform.

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The Banzai Coach

Banzai walks employees through personal financial dilemmas with specific advice.

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Your employees deserve to be financially sound. Banzai can get them there.
Why Financial Literacy?

Hands-on learning through simulated activities changes behavior. Banzai is for all ages and has limitless potential for implementation in schools, community groups, and employees at your organization.1


We’ve always known that stress is bad for our health—and it’s never been truer than with financial stress. Nearly one-third of Americans say their lack of money has created obstacles to living a healthy lifestyle.2


Tardiness and absenteeism tends to increase when employees struggle financially, which can also negatively affect their ability to perform well at work.3


Many people are struggling to save as a result of poor financial education. In fact, 37% of respondents in one large survey admitted to having no specific savings goal.4

The Wellness Center

Do your employees know how to use their benefits? How do you help employees experiencing financial stress? The Wellness Center is a customizable education platform that covers all your employees’ gaps in financial knowledge, from the moment they’re hired to the date they retire.

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  • 60+ up-to-date articles across 10 topics
  • 20+ robust financial calculators
  • More product offerings added continually

How do you talk to your kids about money? How does 401(k) work? The Wellness Center boasts more than 60 articles that walk your employees through saving, budgeting, insurance, retirement, taxes, and more.

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Each Collection is a narrowly focused topic that puts all the most relevant calculators, articles, and Coach sessions in one spot. Employees can start paying for health care, begin investing, saving for a vacation, and more.

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Don't give your employees more benefits they don't know how to use—teach them to use the benefits they already have.
The Banzai Coach

The Coach has no peer or precedent in financial education. It is a unique, virtual financial mentor that asks sophisticated questions and gives sophisticated answers. Your employees can create specific plans when they use the Coach to understand their own situation.

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Gone are the days when people budgeted with a basic calculator. It’s way easier to figure out your loan pay-off date or budget when you can visually see it and play with the numbers in real time. All 20 financial calculators are flexible, well designed, and powerful.

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Your employees are getting married, renting apartments, buying homes, investing, and dealing with life’s setbacks. Is anyone in a better position to give them financial education than you?
1. Pricewaterhouse Coopers. Employee Financial Wellness Survey (2017): p.20. 2. American Psychological Association. Stress in America: Paying With Our Health 2015): p. 3. 3. Mani, Mullainathan, Shafir, Zhao. “Poverty Impedes Cognitive Function,” Science 30 (August 2018): p. 976–980. 4. Lexington Law. “[Study] Americans lack savings as a result of poor financial education.” September 24, 2018.
Create a culture of Financial Education

Financial literacy is about being well informed. It's about pursuing goals. It's about creating a healthy attitude. Let's start there.

Want your employees to benefit from financial literacy?