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It's elementary with Banzai Junior

It's never too early to teach the basics of money with Banzai Junior. Recommended for ages 8–12.
Teach the basics of income, spending, and borrowing with a fun simulation that keeps students engaged and wanting to learn more.
Junior Workbook

Free printed booklets complement the Junior course and expand on financial literacy topics for elementary aged kids. Help your students have fun while they learn.

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  • How long does this course take to complete? Group 15 Copy 6 Created with Sketch.

    2-4 hours.

  • How does this unit help teachers stay flexible in the classroom? Group 15 Copy 6 Created with Sketch.

    Banzai courses can be done in or outside of the classroom and are quick to set up. Because of their automatic grading feature, these courses require little supervision and are an easy alternative to traditional learning by providing teachers with another way to spice up their students' learning—especially for days when a substitute is required.

  • Is there a how-to guide on how to implement this financial literacy course in the classroom? Group 15 Copy 6 Created with Sketch.

    Yes, teachers are always given the option to sit through a free teacher account demo that'll walk them through all available account features. There's also an opportunity, upon free sign-up and account creation, for teachers to access a teacher's guide that explains best practices for implementing Banzai in their classroom.

Teach the Value of a dollar

Prepare your students for adult life with Banzai's interactive, personal finance curriculum.

Banzai is free for teachers and students. Go ahead.