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Personal Financial Advice with the Banzai Coach

Make the Banzai Coach, a virtual financial mentor, the centerpiece of your financial wellness programs.

No Peer, No Precedent

There's nothing like the Coach in financial education—it's truly unique. It is a virtual financial mentor that helps users think through their most pressing financial questions.


The Coach gets users to discipline their thinking by clarifying their concerns and goals, which puts things into perspective.


The Coach lays out their options: Can you reduce expenses? Do you prefer debt avalanche or debt snowball?


The Coach encourages users to follow through: You'll need X income if you retire by X age.

There's no better teacher than experience, so try the Banzai Coach for yourself! Go ahead.

Interactive, Sophisticated

The Coach is sophisticated, offering practical, nonjudgemental advice and robust calculations to address a user's unique situation.

What else does the Coach cover?

It's called the Coach for a reason! It helps users play the whole financial field, covering many topics.


The Coach encourages users to gather all the relevant financial info, which disciplines their thinking and helps them take responsibility.


The Coach helps users set realistic goals based on their actual situation, a form of encouragement and motivation to turn around their finances.


Seeing their future finances, especially when comparing multiple options, gives users a perspective they probably haven't considered before.

The Banzai Coach is hosted on your own version of the Wellness Center, a direct-to-user platform.

Accessible, Essential

Whether you’re moving into a new home, getting into investing, or shopping for health insurance, there’s always a part of the process you haven’t thought about. Some financial nuances even seem like “insider knowledge," but the Coach teaches in an accessible yet mature way.

Create a Culture of Financial Education

The Banzai Coach gives clarity to the financial milestones of life, and by partnering with Banzai, your organization has a unique opportunity to create a culture of financial education. So what are you waiting for?