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Embedded Content with Banzai

Give your users access to valuable information with powerful and personalizable Calculators, Coaches, and Articles.
Why Embed Content?

Embedded content is available directly on your website, which means your visitors can read, interact with, or use the tool without clicking on an outside link. Plus, Banzai’s embedded content matches your style and branding.

Available Content
Embedding is Easy

Embedding Banzai’s content onto your site is simple. It only takes a few steps to elevate your website to the next level, and a knowledgeable Banzai representative will be with you every step of the way.

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What makes Banzai’s calculators so unique? Robust functionality that’s intuitive, informative, and stylish. Help your users discover the difference between simple and compound interest, how long it will take to pay off credit card debt, and more.
Embedded Content
Your Brand

Get the added benefit of embedded content without sacrificing on style. Banzai’s calculators are easily customizable to match your site through easy-to-change font and color options.

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Not only are embedded calculators helpful for your users, but they’re crucial for you thanks to Banzai’s analytics. You’ll have access to data on how your calculators are used and how often through the Banzai Manager.

Show Me the Numbers

Why should you choose embedded content with Banzai? More embeddable resources are being added all the time.

Coach Sessions

The Banzai Coach functions like a conversation with a virtual financial mentor. Users can input information and select options unique to their situation in order to receive individualized answers, numbers, and guidance.
Embedded Content
Partner with Banzai

Whether you need to reach adult account holders at your institution or foster a community of financial literacy, a partnership with Banzai allows you to bring financial education to your users while increasing the functionality of your website.

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Reap the Rewards

Partnering with Banzai can provide serious benefits for your business including new members, boosted financial literacy, and even CRA donation credit. Want to learn more about how? Read our case studies about the banks and credit unions enjoying these improvements.

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Banzai articles focus on direct, applicable information that takes the guesswork out of complicated or intimidating topics. Subjects covered include everything from paying taxes to weathering a job loss to buying a home.
Embedded Content
Banzai’s Embeddable Content in Review

Give your users the information they need to make financial decisions. Embedded calculators allow them to crunch the numbers quickly and find answers that are easy to understand.

Coach Sessions

Banzai’s groundbreaking Coach is like a conversation with a virtual financial mentor. These modules guide your users through complex financial topics and help them assess their personal situation.


Financial literacy is overwhelming for a lot of people. Banzai articles focus on making important information clear and digestible so that your users can be better prepared to make financial decisions.

Teach the Value of a Dollar With Banzai’s Embedded Content

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