Partnerships That Flourish

Read these case studies of financial institutions who changed their communities for the better by partnering with Banzai.

Banzai is the right choice for your organization, and it’s the right choice for your community. We’ve conducted a series of case studies of our sponsors that represent a new standard of community leadership in financial education. Take a look.

This sponsor developed

A CULTURE of Financial Literacy

P1FCU stoked enthusiasm for Banzai by onboarding all its employees with the course simulations. Employees and managers saw their own attitudes change and their personal financial literacy increase, and user sign-ups increased dramatically.

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This bank earned

CRA CREDIT with Banzai

Pinnacle Bank sponsored schools with less-advantaged student populations, which helped it earn CRA donation credit. The bank also designated employees for giving presentations in schools throughout its whole service area, earning service activity credit as a result.

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This credit union fostered


SIUCU took Banzai to vast areas of student populations that had little access to financial services. It took to the classrooms in a personal, optimistic approach that changed many young people’s lives for the better.

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This sponsor won


Northern Credit Union fully seized Banzai’s platform to generously incentivize students to open their first accounts. This offer created youth account holders who became independent, financial agents and increased the sponsor’s overall deposits.

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Financial education is content marketing.

Giving back to your community benefits everyone—including your organization. Read this white paper to learn how to market effectively with financial literacy.

This bank increased


Landmark Bank took the Banzai platform into its new service area, sponsoring every available school in the region. It also made Banzai the centerpiece of its internal financial well-being program for bankers, improving the financial literacy of the entire organization.

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This credit union became a

Community LEADER

Wichita FCU stepped up and helped out schools suffering large budget cuts in its service area. WFCU also leveraged Banzai Direct with its adult account holders, increasing its brand exposure and web traffic up to 14 times the industry average.

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This sponsor made


Educators Credit Union went big, sponsoring every single school in its heavily populated service area. This expansive reach keeps ECU busy, as now its representatives are constantly in schools and creating more touch points.

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This partner prepared


Extra Credit Union realized after the 2008 recession that its local students weren't learning financial skills. ECU wasn't happy with its flashy but expensive financial education platform, so it switched to Banzai—and never looked back.

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These partners became leaders of their communities. Why not you?

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