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Prepare Students for the Cost of College

Your classroom will walk away with an understanding of what they can expect for life after high school.

Use this free unit to teach your students about the college expenses connected to their dream school while showing them ways to lower these costs through financial aid and scholarships.

Cost of College Courses

  • Bus taking students to a College campus.

    Cost of College

    45 Min - 1 Hr Course

    Breaks down the cost of attendance (COA) for over 8,000 universities, colleges, and trade schools by using an interactive storyline and an approachable virtual guide.

    Key Topics:

    • College Terms
    • Cost of Living
    • Cost of Attendance
    • Budgeting & Expense Lists
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    Paying for College

    30 - 45 Min Course

    Students use the COA determined at the end of the Cost of College course to make a payment plan for their education costs.

    Key Topics:

    • Financial Aid
    • Grants
    • Scholarships
    • Job Income
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    30 - 45 Min Course

    This course teaches high schoolers how to find relevant, real-world scholarships to apply for and, once they've selected one, it will guide them through writing an essay outline for the application.

    Key Topics:

    • Financial Aid
    • Scholarship Application Process
    • Scholarship Essay Outlines
    • Essay Writing Tips
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    College Alternatives

    45 Min - 1 Hr Course

    Students role-play as a journalist while researching real-life options outside of going to college through fictional interviews, tours, and web searches.

    Key Topics:

    • Soft Skills
    • Problem Solving
    • Research
    • Alternative Career Pathways

Less Planning, More Teaching

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Easy Grading

Cost of College automatically grades each course, tracks students’ progress, and provides clear decision trees to monitor student learning outcomes.

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Real Numbers & Information

While the storylines may be fictional and the situations a bit fantastical, everything in this unit is based on real data and possibilities. Your students will walk away with a realistic plan for their future.

Prepare Your Students Now

You can help ease your students’ anxiety toward college and life after high school by teaching them what to expect.

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  • Where does Banzai get the data for this unit? Group 15 Copy 6 Created with Sketch.

    This unit uses real-time data that comes directly from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), so the information students receive is current and true. This makes it possible for students to get accurate, individualized results according to their own future plans.

  • How often are new courses released? Group 15 Copy 6 Created with Sketch.

    Banzai is constantly and consistently releasing new resources, so if you see a “coming soon” tag on any of our pages, you’ll know that product should be available anywhere from 4-6 months.

  • Does the unit teach students how to pay for college without using loans? Group 15 Copy 6 Created with Sketch.

    Yes, the Paying for College course within the unit teaches students ways to pay for college costs including scholarships and personal income.

Teach the value of an Education

Prepare students to recognize all post-high school education options with Banzai’s interactive curriculum.

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